Sun Valley Fly Fishing Report

Sun Valley Fly Fishing Report

Sun Valley / Picabo Area Fishing Report – September 13, 2018

Fall temperatures continue this week as the fall hatches pick up steam. The Western Red Quill and Fall Baetis are really coming on strong while we eagerly await the October Caddis and large numbers of Mahogany Duns!

Silver Creek is still Hopper paradise in the afternoons when the wind blows. When it is not blowing the Callibaetis is present in large numbers. This could change as the temperatures fall in coming days and weeks. When this happens the afternoon activity will switch to the Mahogany Dun.  In the meantime the Brown Trout are still making an upstream push into ideal spawning areas. This means they are vicious and hungry. It’s a great time to cast Streamers, Mice and huge Hopper patterns.

The Big Wood is truly hitting a Fall groove as the Western Red Quill makes its appearance in the midafternoon. This large bug brings up some really nice fish, and good numbers of fish! The Wood is also seeing massive hatches of Fall Baetis in the middle of the day. Enjoy the bankers hours fishing these days. Let things warm up before you head out. When you feel that evening chill, you’ll know when the fishing day is over!

The Upper Lost is fishing spotty. Some fish are being caught, but not in the numbers we saw last month. It’s still a great place to find solitude. If you go, have some Streamers, Hoppers and Red Quills. The Lower Lost is fishing much better than the Upper. Crane Flies, Midges, and Baetis are hatching. Hoppers are still effective as well as most micro nymph patterns. It’s a great time of year to cast red colored flies as well.

The South Fork of the Boise is still fishing well and is normally an excellent fall fishery. The Fall Baetis here can blanket the river and bring up all the big fish in a run. This hatch normally starts late. After lunch is the norm. Anglers that like Chukar hunting will find an excellent “Cast and Blast” opportunity here when Chukar opens on the 15th. Anglers can hunt the cool morning hours, have a bite to eat and then head for the river and fish the Baetis hatches until the evening chill sets in. This is a quintessential Idaho day!

Finally, don’t ever overlook Magic Reservoir in the Fall. The fishing near partially submerged willows and rocks can be off the charts good!

Happy Fishing Everyone!

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