Sun Valley Fishing Report

Sun Valley Fishing Report


There are so many opportunities and places to fish in the winter near Sun Valley and Picabo it is surprising so few people take advantage of it. For those that do add fly fishing to their winter sport repertoire, they have learned the joy of the winter quietude. They have also learned just how good winter fishing can be! The week ahead looks like a good one as sunshine and warmer days combine into a great fishing experience.

Silver Creek has a nice tint to the water on the lowest stretches. This is exactly what anglers want to see when the winter Streamer season kicks in. The fishing near Picabo Bridge has been consistent for anglers fishing from the bank. Point of Rocks is also fishing well, although a little more wading is required. The duck hunting season ends this Friday in Idaho, which will leave the Creek abandoned for the most part. Quiet days are about to become much quieter! If you head to Picabo to fish Streamers, use a heavy 2X tippet set up, please keep your catch in the water and not exposed to the cold air, and most importantly be safe – The water is cold!!!

The Big Wood continues to produce great Midge activity in the afternoons. The warmer the day, the sooner the surface action will start. With the temps this week, lunch to dinner time will be your best bet. Getting out earlier is fine, just be prepared to Nymph or Streamer fish if you must fish the colder part of the day. In any case you should catch fish, and if you find one, you should find 12 in the same spot! Trout love to group together in the winter. Find a few of these winter holes and you can be in the fish all day long.

The South Fork of the Boise and the lower Lost River are fishing well for those willing to make the trek. Midges still rule the day on both of these rivers with great opportunities to cast nymphs like Girdle Bugs and Red Copper Johns. This would be a good week as far as weather goes to make the journey. No big storms are on the way and nighttime temps should firm up any muddy roads. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check for changes before you go! The South Fork of the Boise is not where you want to be when it rains in the winter! Have fun and be safe!

Happy Fishing Everyone!

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