Sun Valley Area Fishing Report – March 20, 2019


There is about 2 weeks left of our winter fishing season. Get out there and enjoy these warm March days and some excellent fishing! The Midge hatches and the Little Black Stoneflies are abundant right now and the warmer days this week and going to bring out some major hatches. 

Silver Creek has been a fun fishery as we experience our first March with the Creek being open. The fish numbers in the lower river are outstanding right now. Midge hatches have a lot of the fish rising in the afternoon and the biggest fish will obviously take Streamers and Leeches on the swing. The next 2 weeks may be special as the Midge hatches this week should grow to enormous intensity as long as the wind stays down. Watch the forecast and if you see a nice warm day and very little wind then it’s probably a day to consider playing hooky from work, school, and life in general. There just aren’t enough free days in March! 

The Big Wood is a fly fishing paradise right now. Crystal clear waters coupled with brilliant blue sky days has the fish feeding happily as we enter the pre-spawn. The bugs are active and the fish are super active. The later in the day you fish, the more bugs you are going to see. Everything is working right now as far as technique goes. Fishing with small nymphs like Zebras or larger Girdle Bugs will take fish. The dry fly activity will start around lunch time and last well into the afternoon hours. You can Streamer fish on the Big Wood anytime right now. 

There are a limited number of days to fish our tail-waters right now. The South Fork of the Boise will be closed in a few weeks, so if you want to get your casts in down there, you better go soon! All the same flies and techniques you use on the Big Wood will work fine. The Lower Lost River is going to be limited soon too, although it remains open year around, the reservoir storage space needs to be emptied so we expect flows to start increasing beyond a point of good fishing pretty soon. 

It is a time to keep an eye on the gauges of our local rivers. You don’t want to drive 2 hours to find out a river is blown. Idaho river levels can be found on the USGS website!

Happy Fishing Everyone!

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