Sun Valley Area Fishing Report – April 10, 2019


Fishing season is NOT closed on all of our area waters. The waters that are closed, that you cannot fish until Opening Day on May 25th,include Silver Creek, the Big Wood, and the South Fork of the Boise. Waters that remain open include the Lost River, the Little Wood River as well as the Salmon River for Steelhead fishing. All lakes, reservoirs, ponds and canals remain open to fish as well. 

The Lost River generally moves to the top of anglers lists in April and May, as it is open for fishing and can be very good. Lately the Lost River below the dam in Mackay has been fishing really well. Anglers are fishing nymph rigs with the color red and doing exceptional. Red Copper Johns, San Juan Worms, Red Hares Ears and even basic egg patterns will work great. 

There is also great dry fly opportunity on the Lost given the right day and conditions. Baetis (Blue Winged Olives) are bringing fish to the surface. This hatch starts on warm days after the morning chill is long gone. Fish Parachute Adams in a size 18 or your favorite Silver Creek Baetis patterns.

Please be sure to watch out for the Rainbow redds in the river and DO NOT step into these areas. These cleared gravel patches hold the future trout population on the Lost, so please be mindful. This exact same thig can be said if you look for Steelhead on the Salmon River. 

The Salmon River Steelhead are getting caught in the upper reaches slowly but surely. Expect this action to pick up as we move further into spring weather. The Steelhead are best caught swinging a fly in the waters closer to Challis. Moving closer to Stanley, the strike indicator nymph method is your best bet as the fish enter large pocket water sections. 

Don’t ignore the Lakes and Reservoirs in the spring as the ice-out conditions make for fabulous fishing from the deserts to the mountains. The inlets can be very good in the spring as fish stage to move up into feeder creeks as well as taking advantage of newly opened waters as the ice recedes. 

Finally, the Richfield Canal has nice sized fish in it. It is a matter of finding some of the deeper holes. If you can find the deep spots you can find the fish. Get out there and explore! It can be a very rewarding time of the season to fish!

Happy Fishing Everyone!

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