Sun Valley Area Fishing Report – May 22, 2019


This is it! The waiting is almost over! This Friday at 5:00 p.m. Picabo Angler will kick off Opening Day Weekend with our annual Opening Day Eve Party! Rain or shine (Outdoors or Indoors) we will be enjoying Hank Patterson, Hillfolk Noir, Sawtooth Brewery and all the fly-fishing vendors coming to show the latest and greatest! Please join us for what has become a very special event! Everyone is welcome!

If you plan to fish next Saturday, May 25th on Opening Day be prepared to fish on Silver Creek as it will be the only game in town for a few weeks. We have had eyes on the Creek the past few weeks so get ready as the hatches have been pretty darn good. 

If you come and fish the morning, plan on having P.M.D. patterns. This little bug seems to be making a comeback on the Creek as the hatches we’ve seen are bigger than years past. Hopefully the Pale Morning Dun has cycled back to the glorious hatches of years past. 

Callibaetis is also in play as are the Baetis. If the weather report holds true, then the Baetis hatches should be really good under the clouds! Look for the Callibaetis early morning and again in the afternoon. The more sun we have, the more of them you will see. 

Ants and Beetle patterns are a must have for the first weeks on Silver Creek. These patterns, especially large Beetles will often bring fish to the surface that aren’t actively rising. One of the fun parts of Opening Week on the Creek is trying all sorts of “unusual” patterns and even colors. 

Brown Drakes are probably a week or two away still. With that said, no one ever truly knows when this hatch will appear and history says have some of these patterns in your fly box from the moment the clock strikes 12:00 a.m. on Opening Day! 

There should be plenty of anglers on the Creek this weekend! Let’s be sure we celebrate the season together and treat one another like we want to be treated on the river. Keep in mind that this one weekend may be a bit busier than others, so let’s show that extra grace that we all know makes Silver Creek such a special place!

We look forward to seeing you all Friday at 5:00 p.m. for the party and don’t forget free BBQ on the 25th, from 11:00 until we run out! 

Happy Fishing Everyone!

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