Sun Valley Area Fishing Report – May 8, 2019


Opening Day is right around the corner! Are you ready? Opening Day is on May 25ththis year and of course our Opening Eve Party is on Friday, May 24th! Once again we will have our favorite emcee, Hank Patterson and our favorite band in Idaho, Hillfolk Noir! All the fly fishing industry manufactures will be here as well. Great events, games, beverages and more. See you on the 24th!

If you are getting ready for the season it is time to think about gear organized and in good order. Some things to think about as we get closer and closer to the end of May. First, be sure your fly boxes are full of the good early season patterns. Silver Creek may be the only game in town with the spring run-off on other rivers. For the Creek, be sure to have Baetis, PMD, Callibaetis, Ants, Beetles, and Brown Drakes. Come on in and check out all the new patterns here at Picabo Angler.

Anglers should check boots and waders. How are those boot laces looking? The one’s you meant to replace all of last season. How about those pin holes in your waders? Is it time for a patch or even a new pair of warm dry waders? Some waders may even be due for new straps, or a wader belt. Wader belts are very important in the early season, and a simple belt can even save your life. Wear one.

It’s time to throw out those old leaders and tippet spools as well. Are you still using your tippet form 3 seasons ago? It’s probably gone bad, as all tippet does eventually. Replace it with new stuff and lose a lot less fish this summer! 

How about your boats and float tubes? Are they clean and patched up? Need a new tube or that spare oar you keep thinking about purchasing? Are the trailer lights working for your boat? Do you have your invasive species sticker? So much for us all to do!

Finally, take a moment and think about the fun we are all going to have together this summer. Fly fishing is for everyone and anyone. Let’s all “Be Kind and Stay Kind” as we encounter one another this early season. We will be fishing close together until the run-of abates and fisheries open up. In the meantime let’s remember it’s about fun and camaraderie! 

Peace, Love, and Fly-Fishing!

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