Sun Valley Area Fishing Report – June 12, 2019


This past Saturday, we saw the first real emergence of the Brown Drake. The big bugs appeared throughout lower Silver Creek from the Highway 20 bridge downstream to the bridge at North Picabo Road. In particular, the Drakes were heavy that afternoon, with 2PM to 4PM being prime time. Waves of bugs appeared throughout the afternoon and evening, and the trout responded. With the warmer weather happening now, expect to see Brown Drakes the next several days, and there should be good spinner falls. Don’t forget your headlamps and bug spray when fishing the evening spinner falls, and don’t leave the water too early! It would also be a good idea to blind fish Drake patterns during the early mornings the next few days, as the fish are looking for them.


Silver Creek remains the best game in town, and in addition to the Brown Drakes, mayflies such as Blue-Winged Olives, PMDs, and Calibaetis are found throughout the system. With warmer weather in the forecast, expect mornings and evenings to fish particularly well. When nothing is hatching, fish terrestrial patterns such as small parachute ants in black or brown, black foam beetles, olive damsel nymphs, and small leech patterns. 


Keep in mind that Silver Creek sees an uptick in angler traffic this time of year, given the presence of the Brown Drakes and the high water found on other rivers. Remember to be kind, stay kind!


Our freestone rivers and tailwaters remain too high to fish, and the snowmelt and runoff will continue this week as warmer temperatures return to the valley. We’re still a few weeks away from fishing the Big Wood River and the upper Big Lost system, and the lower Big Lost will not fish be fishable until later this summer. The South Fork Boise River below Anderson Dam is the exception. Flows are hovering around 3000 CFS, which limits wading but allows for excellent float fishing. Large, black foam patterns that imitate Cicadas, stoneflies, and Mormon Crickets are a good choice, as are your favorite big, buggy nymphs; we suggest Prince Nymphs, Rubber Legs, Girdle Bugs, and 20-Inchers. Look for softer seams, eddies, pockets, and side channels to find feeding fish. 


Happy Fishing Everyone!

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