Sun Valley Area Fishing Report – June 1, 2019

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The famed Brown Drake hatch seems to be winding down on Silver Creek. While the hatch occurred a bit later than normal and was somewhat short-lived, there were several days of intense Brown Drake activity. Adult emergences and spinner falls happened from the bridge at Picabo Road upstream to the Highway 20 access. For those anglers that timed things right, the fishing was excellent. 


As another Brown Drake hatch fades in our rearview mirror, we at Picabo Angler would like to thank all of the folks that stopped in to see us at the shop and on the river, and we are truly thankful for catching up with old friends and making new ones. There was definitely an attitude of “peace, love, and fly-fishing” along the creek during the hatch!


We are in full run-off mode on our local freestone rivers and tailwaters. The Big Wood River, upper and lower Big Lost River systems, and Little Wood River are high and turbid, offering little in the way of angling opportunities. Remain patient for these fisheries to come into shape; once they do, the fishing will be incredible! 


Like you, we’re looking forward to the Green Drakes on the Big Wood. These bugs typically show up on warm afternoons starting in late June or early July and will bring out the river’s best fish. Check out all the fantastic Green Drake patterns we’ve got here in the shop. 


We should have another excellent hopper season on all of our area waters. Our spring was very wet, which equates to lush, green grass along the riverbanks and a bumper crop of grasshoppers. Stock up on your favorite hopper patterns now!


The South Fork Boise River below Anderson Ranch Dam is flowing at 2000 CFS and is fishing well. Floating remains the best option. Salmonflies should be showing up on the river soon!


Silver Creek is the shining star in our area right now, and fishing remains productive. Mornings on the Creek see a smattering of Blue-Winged Olives and PMDs, with Calibaetis being the dominant bug during the warmest part of the day. This hatch will intensify as we roll into summer, and we’ll also be seeing increased damselfly activity on the creek. As always, don’t forget your ants and beetles. It’s a wonderful time to be an angler on Silver Creek!



Happy Fishing Everyone!


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