Sun Valley Area Fishing Report – June 5, 2019


“If you ain’t first, you’re last.”

 A wise man once uttered those words, and they certainly hold true during the Brown Drake hatch. We still have not seen any Brown Drakes yet. No emergence last night, nor any evidence of bugs in the grass this morning. We remain ever vigilant, and will stand watch again this evening on lower Silver Creek.

Even if the bugs don’t show up tonight, we can’t think of a better place than the banks of the Creek to spend the evening. The weather is spectacular, the sunsets are immaculate, and the camaraderie on the water is truly special. 

We’ve got all the brown drake essentials here in the shop; a fantastic selection of flies, leaders, and tippet, bug spray, sun block, custom Picabo Angler Buffs, and Bug Stopper hoodies from Simms. Come down to the shop and take a look!

Silver Creek continues to fish well throughout its entirety, with PMDs, Blue-Winged Olives, and Calibaetis remaining the primary hatch activity. The fish are starting to shed their early season gullibility, so it pays to employ usual stealthy Silver Creek tactics and dig out your favorite patterns. Large foam beetles and ants are still a great fly choice, especially on days with a bit of a breeze. 

 It seems as if no one section of the creek is out-producing any other; at select times, the S-Turns, Kilpatrick Pond, the upper Conservancy, Sullivan’s Lake, the Willows, and Point of Rocks have all been hot spots. 

 The Big Wood, Little Wood, and Big Lost river systems remain very high and turbid, and good fishing on those waters is still a few weeks away. 

 Floating the South Fork of the Boise below Anderson Ranch Dam has been very good recently. Big foam bugs that imitate cicadas and stoneflies have been effective, and nymphing with a big Rubber Legs is a great bet right now. With flows just over 3200 CFS, floating is the best way to fish and access the South Fork.

Keep your eye on our blog and social media for up to the minute Brown Drake information, or give us a call in the shop at 208-788-3536. 

Be Kind, Stay Kind…

Happy Fishing Everyone!


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