Sun Valley Area Fishing Report – June 23, 2021

Sun Valley Area Fishing Report – June 23, 2021

The heat of summer has settled in and hopefully everyone is staying safe and adjusting accordingly. Anglers that are early risers or night owls are positioned to see the best fishing. There is some afternoon fishing to be had, but the best fishing is happening during the cooler hours. Beating the sunlight to the rivers can payoff huge this time of the season. We normally see these conditions in late July, but we all need to switch mindsets earlier this year.

Silver Creek, despite the low water year is still fishing well. The river is being maintained by cooler nights and wind events that seem to keep things steady during the day. This is not to say that things are normal. It is still important to keep your catch in the water for release, and limit your photos to true fish of a lifetime. Baetis and PMD are still the morning and evening attractions for the fish. In the afternoon it is Ants and Beetles and now Baby Hoppers! The Hoppers we have seen are olives and yellows. Fish them small when the wind comes up and consider dropping a Split-Case PMD underneath until this bite really turns on with the adult Hoppers in a few more weeks. The best hatches may be the late morning / early evening Callibaetis. Look for this bug in the Stillwater sections of the Creek.

The Big Wood is fishing well up north with PMD and Green Drake patterns. The morning spinner falls are the best show of the day with Green Drakes spinning over the fastest water. Look for rising fish and fish eating drowned spinners at the base of the shallow rapid sections. The evenings can be good on the Big Wood as well. Rusty Spinners are the way to go for rising fish in the evening. During the day, try attractor patterns with droppers and cover a lot of water.

The Lost River continues to fish. It is more challenging this year and anglers that like slightly more technical fishing will find plenty of challenge on the upper and the lower Lost River right now. Small Stimulators, Baby Hoppers and Ants are all excellent choices! If fish aren’t looking up, try a small Streamer or small Copper Johns fished under a big dry fly.

Finally, please everyone…with low water, lot’s of anglers and long days, let’s all take especially great care of our rivers and fish!

Happy Fishing Everyone!


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