2022 Winter Fly Tying Classes

2022 Winter Fly Tying Classes

Fly Tying Classes may be closed for now, but that just means that it is time to use what you learned to go fishing this Summer season. If you are excited to learn more, or just missed our last fly tying series, now is the time to sign up and let us know you’re interested in attending the next round of classes. Picabo Angler Fly Tying Classes will start up again near October 2022 for the Winter season. You can fill out the form below to get updated, or check back in our Events Blog and our Fly Fishing Tips Blog to stay up to date on events, classes, and tips.

General Class Information

Two hour fly tying classes hosted at Picabo Angler on Thursday night from 5:30pm – 7:30pm. All fly tying materials will be provided, just bring your own tools (vice, bobbin holders, and scissors) and be ready to learn!

There are only 6 spots avaiable every week, so call or email today to reserve your spot.

2022 Fly Tying Class Interest Form


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