Sun Valley Area Fishing Report – February 23, 2022

Sun Valley Area Fishing Report – February 23, 2022

We are back into the ultracold February temperatures this week. Not great for fishing in, but great for holding our snowpack in the mountains until springtime! If you decide to hit the rivers this week, do so with caution and limit your exposure to these super cold temps. We should see a little warm up just in time for the weekend, so fishing should be good and comfortable again by Saturday. 

Silver Creek was thawed out last week and fished really well through last weekend. We should see ice build up just upstream of the bridges this week, but with the sun shining through, the radiant heat should prevent the whole river from freezing. It is Streamer time on the Creek. Anglers have found plenty of success from the Highway 20 Bridge all the way down to Picabo Bridge. Nearing the month of March we may see late in the day Midge hatches, but for now, plan on heavy tippets and your favorite Streamer patterns. If you need help choosing a few, swing on into Picabo Angler and we’ll get you set up with the proper flies and leaders. 

The Big Wood is always a fantastic fishery in the winter, even when it is super cold out. The moving, tumbling water keeps the ice away from most areas and gives the fish plenty of feeding lanes to sit underneath the daily Midge activity. If the cold does prevent strong hatches from occurring, try nymphing some deeper areas with Girdle Bugs and Copper Johns. If nothing is working try grease-lining a Prince Nymph through the heart of the runs. This means swinging your fly from the bottom of the river to the top in prime areas. This action on the fly can draw strikes from the most fin-tucked fish. It does require a little external weight and good technique, but we are happy to show you how if you stop on by the fly shop.

The weather looks good enough for some day trips to the South Fork of the Boise and the Lower Lost. With the cold temps, it is still best to fish with a friend, be well supplied and let someone know where you are going. Most of the action should be subsurface, but these rivers like many of our area water show exceptional Midge hatches in March. We are entering a prespawn time of the year, so expect the fishing to just keep getting better and better over the coming weeks. 

Happy Fishing Everyone!

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