Sun Valley Area Fishing Report – April 23, 2020

Sun Valley Area Fishing Report – April 23, 2020

Now is a great time to explore Blaine County’s local still waters. They offer a very different challenge than our rivers, and undoubtedly will make you a more dynamic angler. It is easy to be overwhelmed by their vastness, so focus on very specific features such as rocky points, old river channels, and drop offs. Vary your flies, depths, strip speed/cadence, and you can expect to have some success.

Magic Reservoir has been busy and we recommend thinking outside the box when it comes to access points in order to distance yourself from fellow anglers. Check out Moonstone, East Magic, Myrtle Point, and Lava Point.  Chironomids and leeches have both been effective.  If you have never fished a balanced leech, now is the time to try it. Even the most lethargic of fish have a hard time passing on a leech suspended in the water column. As the water continues to warm up, don’t be surprised if you find a smallmouth bass on the end of your line instead of a trout.

Fish Creek Reservoir and Littlewood Reservoir are now ice free. They can both be very windy this time of year, so make sure to check the forecast before you head out. A little wind can be good as it will add some movement to your nymph rigs and make the fish less wary. A lot can make the fishing near impossible. The inlets of both reservoirs are great places to start. Leeches, San Juan Worms, and Chironomids should all be in the box. Float tubing can be a great way to fish around the inlets, but don’t forget your fins as the banks drop off abruptly.

If you are looking to really mix it up, check out Carey Lake. Species more typically found in the Midwest such as bluegill, perch, and bass comprise the majority of the fishery. This year, the perch numbers are high and once you’ve found them, you need not move. They are excellent table fare, but be careful when filleting them as their spines can leave your fingers tattered with cuts. The water color is quite dirty, and it seems that most nymphs with some flash will get their attention.

With the restrictions currently in place, we will continue to focus on the fishing within Blaine County. Get out in the sun, find some open space, and be grateful we live in a place where we can still go fishing!

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