Fishing Report 6/19/24

Fishing Report 6/19/24

Fishing Report – June  19, 2024:


As of this writing, the Big Wood River at the Hailey USGS gauge is just under 900 CFS. Side channels and soft edges along the river are producing some fish, as is the upper river above Ketchum. The river continues to drop and should be in prime shape for the arrival of the Green Drakes. For now, look for side channels, soft edges, eddies, and gentle current seams, and fish large dries and nymphs. Chubby Chernobyls, Golden Stones, Stimulators, Green Drake patterns, H & L Variants, and Parachute Adams are a great choice on top. For nymphs, use large Princes, Rubber Legs, 20-Inchers, and Copper Johns. Please use caution, and leave the 5X and your dogs at home! Now is the time when you can get away with short, stout leaders in 2X or 3X.


The Upper Big Lost River system is dropping quickly as well, and we expect prime fishing there soon. Look for Green Drakes, Golden Stones, Yellow Sallies, and a few Salmonflies.


The South Fork Boise River remains at a good floating level at 1200 CFS. Anglers floating the river below Anderson Ranch Dam are having success with cicada patterns, Salmonflies, Golden Stones, and Chubby Chernobyls.  As always, nymph rigs and streamers are effective as well.


The upper Salmon River is also beginning to fish for floating anglers. The USGS gauge on the Salmon at Yankee Fork is at 1900 CFS. While high, the river is clear, and the fishing has been decent for native Westslope Cutthroat and rainbows. Big, bushy dries and large nymphs fished tight to the bank are the ticket.


Silver Creek continues to fish well. Right now on the Creek there is a smorgasbord of insects. Look for midges, Blue-Winged Olives, PMDs, Calibaetis, and even a few Green Drakes. Be prepared to fish any of these insects; have emergers, duns, and spinners in your boxes. Beetles and ants continue to be effective on windy days, and we have seen a damsel flies as well.


We’ve noticed quite a few ¼” grasshoppers around, so we are expecting another banner hopper year in our valley. We are fully stocked up with hopper patterns here in the shop!


Happy Fishing Everyone!


Picabo Angler

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