Fishing Report 7/10/24

Fishing Report 7/10/24

Summer is here! We are seeing very hot daytime temperatures in the valley, so that means the best fishing will occur during the mornings and evenings on our local waters. Wet wading on the Big Wood River, upper Big Lost River system, and Salmon River is perfect with the heat. Now is the time to be careful when fishing during the hottest part of the day, so please keep an eye on water temperatures and do your part to avoid physically stressing our finned friends. A stream thermometer can help guide you. Most of our local waters (except for the lower Big Lost River) feature prime flows, and we expect excellent fishing throughout the remainder of the summer and into the fall.

On Silver Creek, small Baetis (BWOs), Tricos, and Callibaetis are your morning bugs, and evenings see Baetis, Callibaetis, and some caddis. During the day, look for damsels, beetles, and ants. We expect water temps on the Creek to bump up this week with the heat wave, so please take care of the resource and consider all our other wonderful fisheries.

The Big Wood River is coming into its own with Green Drakes, Golden Stones, a few Salmonflies, Yellow Sallies, and an assortment of small mayflies and caddis. Large dry flies are still picking up fishing, but we can expect smaller bugs to take over on the menu. Dry dropper rigs are particularly effective, and nymphing the deeper water will produce larger fish. As it gets hotter, look for fish to be found in faster riffles and runs.

The Upper Lost River system is in good shape. Anglers are catching fish, but you should still plan on being able to walk a fair distance between good spots. Fish big dry flies, and a dropper is a great idea. Fish your favorite beadhead under big foam patterns and stay on the move. It’s a great time to be on the Lost River as the days are a little cooler up on the pass.

The lower Big Lost River remains high at 500+ CFS but expect a great late summer and fall on the river.

The Salmon continues to fish well, also using big bushy dry flies. Try the Royal Stimulator as you float down the river. Target the banks and the rock gardens and set the hook slowly when the Cutthroat rise to your fly.

We are seeing a LOT of smallish grasshoppers, so we expect some excellent hopper fishing in the weeks to come. Stop into the shop to see our huge selection of grasshopper patterns.

Happy Fishing Everyone!

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