Mammoth Caves and Ice Caves

Want to escape the summer heat? Then head to the desert. You heard me right, head south of the valley on Highway 75 to what might seem like endless emptiness but what actually holds some cool gems. First is the Ice Caves. These caves used to be a vital source of ice to early settlers for preserving food. The history of the cave is almost as cool as the unique formations that occur in this hidden away underground oasis. Next on your way south is Mammoth Cave. Aptly named for its immense size the cave was actually designated as a national fallout shelter because of its ability to hold so many people. These caves both have visitor centers and quirky little gift shops that will be able to answer any of your questions. While your down there a quick side attraction is Black Magic Canyon which is a basalt slot canyon with otherworldly rock formations but be sure to check that water won’t be flowing through anytime soon. Black Magic Canyon is best visited in the fall and winter.

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