Salmon River, Idaho

The Salmon River is one of our most unique destinations to fish. We fish upstream from Challis, about an hour and a half north of Sun Valley.

In early spring, mid to late March, the river fills with steelhead as they complete their migration all the way from the Pacific Ocean to Idaho. In the summer season cutthroat trout, bull trout and rainbow trout inhabit the river. This is also a unique opportunity for area anglers to fish from drift boats.

Steelhead season on the Salmon River comes with the melting snow. Anglers are treated to catching these sea run rainbow trout in the 4 to 12 pound class. Most of the fishing is visual and although short lived, the steelhead run on the Salmon is an event many anglers eagerly anticipate. Along with large sea run fish, anglers are also treated to fishing near the Sawtooth Mountain Range, one of the most spectacular vistas in the state of Idaho.

In the summer months on the Salmon, our guides break out their drift boats and treat anglers to a few months of some fast and furious fishing for nice size rainbow and cutthroat trout which are very eager to take dry flies! This is a wonderful opportunity for fly anglers to also explore the rich history and natural beauty of the Stanley area.

Trout Fishing on the Salmon from drift boats makes for a wonderful outing and is great for all abilities. It is also a fantastic opportunity for anglers who may physically struggle with walk and wade fishing.

Steelhead fishing the Salmon River in the spring is for anglers who have previous experience with a fly rod and feel comfortable casting rods larger than those used in trout fishing.

Salmon River Gallery

USGS water flow and temperature gauge for Salmon River: HERE

*Note: Any more than 2 anglers and guests will need to book a second guide.