Silver Creek Opening Day 2020

Silver Creek Opening Day 2020

Idaho’s opening day of fishing is right in front of us…

A pod of rising fish—taken yesterday—not far from Picabo Angler, enjoys the abundant PMD’s, Callibaetis, and Baetis brought on, undoubtedly, by the recent warmer weather.

Temperatures are slowly increasing, water levels are slowly increasing, anticipation of warm dry fly days is increasing. Spring is upon us and that means we are a short time away from our summer season! Silver Creek will be open again near the end of the month, as will most Idaho rivers. With that in mind it is generally Silver Creek that sees a volume of anglers on the opening weekend, as the river is running clear, and the fishing is generally pretty good.

Many an angler looks forward to joining us at Picabo Angler to celebrate the new fishing season and ringing in this special day on the Friday night before hand. The opening day eve party has brought a lot of joy and energy to Picabo. The opening weekend has brought excitement, laughs and more than a few good fish stories!

This year is going to be a vastly different fishing season for obvious reasons. We will not be having our Friday night get together with Hank Patterson and Hillfolk Noir this year. WE ARE going to support our fishing community though, and we will try to take your health and safety to heart while we do. We are crossing our fingers on the weather for Opening Day, May 23 this month, so that we may bring our fly shop outdoors to you! The grass area behind Picabo Angler will be a wonderful place to come and look around at all our wonderful new offerings.

We have continued to purchase incredible products from Simms, Umpqua, Thomas and Thomas, Scott Rods, RIO, Lamson, Tibor and many, many other incredible brands. We will have our casting course set up alongside our newest offerings on the lawn behind the store, as well as flies and tackle inside the fly shop. The Grill will be open, and we have a new picnic area to enjoy. We intend to help take care of our customers while giving everyone the space and time to shop in comfort. 

Please know we have your safety and the safety of our employees in mind. We are all anglers together on May 23rd! Our store and facilities will be disinfected regularly, and our employees will be disinfecting their hands between your purchases. Let’s take care of each other!

Our goal is to provide the good and angler needs like we always do, but instead of having our annual event at a set time, we will open our doors early and stay late over the weekend so that you have plenty of time to come see what’s new this year, cast some rods, grab some flies and of course enjoy the Grill and cold beverages!One last thing…

Be on the lookout for Root Beer and Huckleberry floats at Picabo Angler this season!!!! We all deserve a treat!

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