Sun Valley Area Fishing Report 8/16/23

Sun Valley Area Fishing Report 8/16/23

As we get closer to the fall, we look forward to some incredible hatches and great fishing; the fall Baetis, Mahogany Duns, Hecuba, and October Caddis, along with fantastic water flows, will make this a spectacular fall season on Silver Creek, the Big Wood, and Big Lost.

On Silver Creek, the mornings have been seeing good numbers of Tricos and Baetis; the fish tend to get picky on one or the other, so if they aren’t eating your trico, try a small Baetis instead. The afternoon hopper fishing has been great with some wind, and the Calibaetis have been good on the calmer days. Don’t forget about ants, beetles, and damsels.

The Upper Lost River has been fishing really well, even with a few more anglers on the prowl. The fish are spread out and happily taking small attractor or large hopper patterns. Your favorite dropper nymph will take those fish that just won’t come up and eat.

The Lower Lost River is starting to come down, although it’s still on the high side. In a few weeks, fishing should really pick up.

On the Big Wood River, fish are eating Tricos in the morning and then hoppers the rest of the day. The hopper/dropper technique, coupled with covering a good bit of water, will produce fish all along the Big Wood.

The Salmon River is fishing extremely well with hoppers, Spruce Moths, attractor dries, and a variety of dropper nymphs.

The South Fork Boise River continues to fish well, and flows remain floatable at 1225 CFS. There are large numbers of Caddis and Pink Alberts during the day, with Flavs, Caddis, and Pinks present in the evenings. Hoppers are the hot fly on the South Fork right now.

Happy Fishing Everyone

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