Sun Valley Area Fishing Report – December 13, 2021

Sun Valley Area Fishing Report – December 13, 2021

Fresh Tracks! We’re not talking about the ski hill; we’re talking about the rivers! There are a lot of great things about winter fishing around Sun Valley and amongst our favorites is the fresh tracks in the snow. These tracks are essentially a map of where anglers have been and most importantly it is a map of where they have not. This means for those willing to find the out of the way access or those willing to walk a little farther will always know if and when a fellow angler has fished a spot. This will go on all winter with a reset after each big storm.

Winter storms mean low pressure, low pressure means great fishing, great fishing means you are living in the right place! Never let the snow or a winter storm keep you from enjoying one of fly fishing finest moments. We always talk about the quite and quietude that fly fishing brings internally and externally to a person. When we throw a heavy snow fall at it that dampening effect it has on our surroundings pushes that quietude to an extreme.

Oh! Don’t forget the woodland creatures! Yes, fishing is a great way to connect to the unseen world that mills about us every day. What Christmas season would be complete without woodland creatures? Being quiet on the river on quiet days, means you can see Elk, Moose, Otters, Deer, Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles, Martin, and enough cool birds to fill a book. Don’t let the search for fish takeaway from one of the best reasons to be on the water in the winter! Move slow, fish slower and let the winter days come to you.

So, if you head out to the rivers this week, have your Olive colored Streamers. Be sure to have Red Copper Johns and Zebra Midges and always have Tie-Down Midges. Be sure to bring a thermos too. We suggest Tomato Bisque or another hot soup you can drink without utensils. The joy of sitting in a snow bank with your fly rod, your dog and a nice hot cup of something is certainly one of fly fishing’s pinnacle moments. Catching the fish is fun and a wonderful goal, but never forget the journey to achieve this. In the end, no matter where you are in the sport, these moments will become half the reason you fish at all. Take a deep breath and take them in.

Happy Fishing Everyone!

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