Sun Valley Area Fishing Report, July 10 2022

Sun Valley Area Fishing Report, July 10 2022

The summer heat has settled upon us for the next few months. With the summer heat comes the
summer bugs. We are about to see some of the seasons biggest hatches and spinner falls. The biggest
changes as it warms and the water begins dropping will be the size of the flies we are throwing as well
as the times of day we fish. Expect to have better luck on smaller patterns and plan on fishing early and
late during the low light periods for the best surface action.

The Trico spinner fall is the main event on Silver Creek during the season and we are just seeing the first
signs of this event. The Trico comes to the water when the air temperature hits 70 degrees. So plan on
being on the water by 8:00 a.m. On a good morning this event will last until about 11:00 a.m. with a
little blast of Baetis spinners toward the end of the Tricos. The afternoon is Callibaetis time. They are
mostly found on the slowest moving water. We are starting to throw small Hoppers and Damsel fly dries
as well. This action will pick up as the grasses dry out and the weed beds come to the surface. In the
evening the Creek really changes. Just before dusk anglers will see Brown Trout chasing bait and as we
get close to sunset the river can become a smorgasbord of insects. Have a bunch of Rusty Spinner Hackle
Stackers in different sizes to tackle most of this activity.

The Big Wood is clear although the water is still pushy. This means we can continue to throw large foam
bugs with droppers throughout the river system. Green Drakes are also showing up and this bug can
bring a lot of nice fish to the surface. The Streamer fishing can be really good at these current water
levels! Continue to wade with caution and fish with a friend.

The upper Lost is taking its sweet time clearing and fishing well. The East Fork of the Lost is clear but
there is a lot of angling pressure on it. This will last until the main stem and the North Fork clear up so
anglers can disperse.

Finally the South Fork of the Bosie continues to be a wonderful fishery. Just be ready to see your fellow
anglers. Be nice, communicate and make sure everyone has a great day! Fish Stoneflies, PMDs, and
Terrestrials. The Pink Alberts are coming soon!

Happy Fishing Everyone!

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