Sun Valley Area Fishing Report – June 27, 2022

Sun Valley Area Fishing Report – June 27, 2022

A very mild summer continues to produce some decent fishing, with the best yet to come! We expect
flows on all our freestone rivers to continue their slow drop to more fishable levels. With the drop will
come the hatches. Be patient and be ready with your fly boxes full.

Silver Creek has become a smorgasbord of hatches lately. The Baetis are the dominant bug with good
activity in the morning and especially the evening. There are quite a few Callibaetis around in the
morning and the afternoon. The big news is we are seeing the first Trico Spinner Falls of the season. This
activity has begun near Picabo Bridge and should be moving up into the top of the Silver Creek Preserve
waters by this time next week.

Keep an eye on the morning temperatures when you head to the Creek. Once the Trico starts the 70
degree mark becomes the starting bell. The spinner falls should last until 11:00 a.m. on a good morning.
If you have never experienced the Trico spinner fall on Silver Creek give it a week or two to ramp up and
them come check it out and be ready to have your mind blown!

The South Fork of the Boise is one of the few places anglers are finding fishable water besides Silver
Creek. The Salmon Flies should be at the Dam by the time you read this. The Caddis action should stay
strong and as of now the flows are still wadeable. With the reservoir topped off this could all change.
Keep an eye on the CFS from Anderson Ranch Dam.

Now, a quick word on “Combat Fishing” which is a term used when anglers descend on one area in huge
numbers. This quickly leads to unhappy anglers and confrontation. I heard this term used a few times
during the Brown Drake hatch based on the angler numbers. Every comment came from social media
and from people that were not here. They just saw pictures. If you were here you would quickly
understand that despite the crowds, we are not “Combat Fishing.” In fact, quite the opposite, we are
fishing together as a large group and we are celebrating our sport as we do it. Within these crowds,
were people helping each other, sharing water and showing the rest of the fishing world that we can get
along and have fun without a need to impress Instagram!

Peace, Love and Flyfishing!

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