Sun Valley Area Fishing Report – March 7, 2022

Sun Valley Area Fishing Report – March 7, 2022

Winter has come back temporarily but should give back into spring weather by the weekend! Looking at
the forecast we feel safe saying this coming weekend will be spectacular fishing! There are times of the
season when everything is perfectly in place. By Saturday we are going to be in that perfect place.
Meaning we will have warmish temperatures, March Midge hatches, pre-spawn fish, fish coming off of a
long cold winter, and the Creek has that perfect tint of dirty water!

Silver Creek is entering the time of the month when we see the first epic spring Midge hatches. On a
warm and calm day on the Creek anglers can see clouds of Midges during the month of March. Hatches
that make you not want to open your truck doors or windows! If the hatches don’t materialize anglers
will be able to count on great Streamer fishing. Stay on the move if you Streamer fish. The farther you
can cast the better but staying on the move is just as important. Make a cast, retrieve, take a step,
repeat. Stay dialed in and fish hard. You will be rewarded.

The Big Wood on a warm day in March is a slam dunk. There are spots that have seen plenty of winter
pressure and the fish are finicky in those places. In general though, a lot of what the fish have learned
this winter goes out the window during the pre-spawn time. They just want to pack on the calories and
will eat with abandon when the temps begin to warm. Fish all the same winter patterns you normally
fish, and anglers willing to hike the farthest will probably catch the most fish. BUT, don’t forget the snow
in the morning that you are walking on top of, you may have to posthole back through in the afternoon!
This is a fun time of the season to fish the South Fork of the Boise and the Lower Big Lost River as well.
Midge and Baetis hatches can happen on these waters when things begin to warm. You will find fewer
anglers on these rivers, but the fishing isn’t quite as consistent as what you will find on the Creek and Big
Wood in the coming weeks.

No matter where you fish, remember the warm days will bring out a few more people. Practice kindness
and always help your fellow angler!

Happy Fishing Everyone!

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