Waters We Guide

Whether you are fishing in Silver Creek or our Private Waters, all of our fly-fishing destinations are scenic, calm, and guarantee an unforgettable experience.

Image of Silver Creek

Silver Creek

Silver Creek is one of the most famous fly fishing streams in the world. Renown for perfectly timed hatches and world class dry fly fishing, anglers from around the globe come here to test their skill.

Image of Silver Creek

Salmon River

The Salmon River is one of our most unique destinations to fish. We fish upstream from Challis, about an hour and a half north of Sun Valley. In early spring, mid to late March, the river fills with steelhead as they complete their migration all the way from the Pacific Ocean to Idaho.

Image of Silver Creek

Upper Big Lost River

The high-country nature of the upper Lost River drainage makes it very user friendly for all skill levels of fly angler, it also makes it a great place to relax, breathe fresh air and listen to nothing but the sound of wind, water and maybe the occasional laughter of a happy fisherman.

Image of Silver Creek

Lower Big Lost River

The lower Big Lost River is a tailwater emitting from Mackay Reservoir.  This fishery holds some great specimens of Rainbow trout. They grow large and fight hard due to the nutrient rich and very cold water coming from the bottom of the dam.

Big Wood River

The Big Wood River is born and tumbles south between the Boulder and Smoky Mountains, well north of the Sun Valley area as it heads for the fertile plains of the Snake River Basin.

Little Wood River

The Little Wood River offers two very distinct fisheries. The upper section of the Little Wood above the Little Wood Reservoir is a very small freestone stream running through cottonwood forests.

Private Waters

Picabo Angler offers more access to Silver Creek than any other Idaho Outfitter. We can fish with you over upstream hatches and spinner falls, or we can access quiet down river water where trophy Browns and Rainbows wait for the occasional Hopper or Mouse to present itself.