Fishing Report 06/26/24

Fishing Report 06/26/24

Stable, warmer weather has arrived, and with it, we will see some changes to area fisheries. On the Big Wood River, the Green Drake will hatch in earnest given the current weather pattern. This robust mayfly hatches during the warmest part of the day, so look for significant activity to occur between 11AM – 4PM. Break out your large mayfly imitations such as size 10 – 12 Parachute Adams, Purple Haze, Freed Razor Green Drake, Green Drake Paradrakes, Green Drake Last Chance Cripples, and Green Drake Film Critics. Dropping a nymph such as a size 12 – 14 Prince, 20-Incher, or Green Drake is a great way to entice sub-surface feeding trout.


Nymphing on the Big Wood is really effective at them moment. A variety of bugs will produce – Pat’s Rubber Legs, Montana Stones, Prince Nymphs, and Copper Johns are all excellent choices. Fishing pocket water and the heads and tails of riffles will produce; use orange or yellow Stimulators, Chubby Chernobyls, and small parachutes in size 12 – 16. Now is a great time to be fishing the Big Wood!


The upper Big Lost River system (“Copper Basin”) is in good shape, and it’s one of the most scenic fisheries in Idaho. The same tactics that you use on the Big Wood River will apply on the upper Big Lost waters. While the insect density on these streams is lower than other area waters, the fish are very opportunistic and will readily take a variety of well-presented flies. Don’t forget your bug spray if you head up to Copper Basin!


We’ll see a shift in insect activity on Silver Creek as the weather warms. Small BWOs and PMDs are still in play, but Calibaetis will become increasingly more important. When fishing this hatch, it’s critical to carry fly imitations for all life stages – emerger, dun, and spinner. Great patterns include the Last Chance Cripple, Captive Dun, Quigley Cripple, and Hackle Stacker.


Terrestrials are still good choices when nothing is going on. Damsel flies are becoming more active on the Creek, and before you know we’ll see the tiny baby hoppers.


The South Fork Boise River will be a salmonfly bonanza soon, so be prepared.


PS – Clean up after yourself out there! We found that mess in the photo on the banks of Silver Creek…


Happy Fishing Everyone!


Picabo Angler

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